Thursday, May 28, 2009

I have at last downloaded my photos from my trip to the Perth Zoo. I went to visit our little
Sun Bear cub, Maly, became the first Sun Bear born in Australia on 26 March 2008. (my visit and photos are from the 25th march so Maly is 1 year old in the photos and nearly as big as mum. which is about 50- 60kg which is the same weight as my 10 year old Rottweiler. Anyway a bit to know about our friend teh Sun bear:
Diet: Sun Bears are omnivores and eat a range of fruit, eggs, honey, grubs, small mammals and shoots.
In the wild: Very little is actually known about Sun Bears in the wild because they are difficult to track and observe. They are mostly nocturnal and spend the day sleeping and sunbathing in trees. Unlike other bears, Sun Bears do not hibernate. This is because food is available all year round.
Did you know? Sun Bears have a very long tongue that can protrude up to 25 cm. They use their tongue to extract grubs, honey and other food from holes and crevices. The bear will also put its paws into termites’ nests. When the termites crawl onto the bear’s paws, they are licked off.
This is a little one minute video of the cub, hope you enjoy it! I found watching amazing!

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