Sunday, July 5, 2009

Only 3 weeks to go?

Another busy weekend sewing all my "pieces" together, to soon form 3 different panda bears. These panda's will be available for adoption at the "Who's who in bear making" online show on 5th September 2009. I only have 3 weeks to submit the photos of the finished bears!
The next 4 weeks are pretty full with a new fin. year starting at work means new clients in my portfolio to meet. I can see a few late nights.
I will also be at the Teddy Tree stall at Claremont for the "focus on WA bear artists" I will be holding small workshops with other artists, which will consist of having the demo pieces made too. As I designed the pattern was used for the bear challenge/competition I will be helping out with the judging on the 19th July. The show will run for 3 days starting the last weekend of July so that weekends busy and I really need to make sure I have my patterns and kits together for sale. So I guess I will need to get all my photos taken for the online show..... Oops, next weekend! Well lots to do, I really hope I can pull this all off. I will try to remember my favorite saying...
Bite off more than you can chew, and chew like mad!

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