Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bare Designs Club! - monthly

Have you bought any of my patterns or thought about it?

I have decided to dedicate much of my time next year to making exclusive patterns for my club members. I have been asked time after time to make a guide on many subject including our little mink friends.

I would like to offer my followers and bear making friends great opportunity for you to recieve a pattern every month full of step by step photos, tips and tricks and as requested time and time again, a massive mink bumper issue, just like going to a workshop in your own home!

Join the Bare Designs Club and you will receive a fresh new design every month of the year. That’s 12 patterns exclusive to the Bare Design Club members, not available anywhere else!
This new collection will include tips and tricks, step by step guides with photos, tools of the trade we love and loads of ideas, options and techniques.

Topics covered
Shading, cheeks, open mouths, tounges, raised paw pads, sculpting, clothes, adding charatcter to your bear, working with colours, noses, clay and thread covered, vintage bears, miniatures and much much more including the bumper mink issue!!

All this for $69.95us That’s less than $6 an issue!

If you subscibe on Ebay or Etsy before January, and pay the $69.95 membership I will send you your pattern you where buying for free so your saving $11.95

You will receive the email each month and the option to purchase kits from time to time and the 12 Bare Designs Club bears will be available for adoption to the Club members before being offered for sale to anyone else

I would love to hear from you about what you think of this idea! drop me an email at

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