Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bear Artists At Home

Ever wondered what mess we artists create when we create??

As if I would photograph and submit that to a website....

But this website gives you a look at the clean side of things

Artists all over the world and where the bears are created

Pop by my house and have a look


  1. Now Helen, surely you are not working in that wee corner lol...
    don't you just love baskets..
    I want to see your whole room in action as everyone keeps telling me, mine will soon swallow me up...
    Do love to see what you are doing...love bloggers..

  2. Now you two just make me jealous - your office is so put together and simply wonderful - Madame Samm has never made a mess in her life, and if she were making 75 dolls at one time you still wouldn't see a mess...but me, poor me, it is a terrible thing...lol...it looks lovely Helen!