Monday, October 12, 2009

Bear Essence - the new shop

Here are some photos as promised of the new Bear Essence in Tooradin, along the South Gippsland Highway

Being in the store is like stepping into a pink and white heaven with beautiful antique cups and paintings. All the furniture is sabby chic white and set against pink walls with beautiful bears from Monica Spicer of Bears in the Atic, Merilyn of Bearwildered Bears, and Josie - Look out for Moses....
Check out the Bear Essence new blog... my influence from my trip - Kim inspired me and looks like I inspired her! Keep blogging Kim!
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  1. Gorgeous shop Helen ... reminds me a lot of Aleta Breese's studio!!! Very girlie ... wish I could visit sometime.

  2. I am so jealous!!! I wish I could go there!

  3. Now this is one place I would love to come to and be part of your class...I have never made a bear but of all those that my eyes have come to bestow, yours are the most appealing in every way...Helen you are my bear hero lol..