Sunday, October 25, 2009

China is ready to fly!

I was so happy to hear that China was listed as a Nominee for the
Taiwan Teddy Bear Creative Awards.
China was picked out of all the entries, by the judges.
He was announced as a nominee on the October 21st, 2009.
Now it goes to the people for a week to vote online,
October 26th~November 6th
I do hope you can stop by and support China.
Then November 14th back to the judges for a second round of voting,
"in the fur" so China must fly off now to meet the judges
and the public at the Taiwan Teddy Bear Show.
If you would like to vote please use this link


  1. I love China - a sweet little face - he looks like he has something to say! You are so talented Helen! Please let me know when your babies arrive!! :)

  2. Oh China, you have at least one vote from Canada..Madame Samm just loves this one and compared to the other entries, you have a very very good chance...blessings. m.s

  3. Goodluck Helen! My vote is in and China is a WINNER!!!
    Hugs Linda