Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sweethearts in the garden

Summer is here and the kangaroos are out and about... I get to see them at dawn and dusk when leaving the driveway in the morning off to work and on my return home. They are in the front garden and hop across the driveway when they hear my car. Yesterday I was lucky enough to see the sweetest baby joey no taller than the undergrowth grass, I could just see his tiny face... the sweetest little thing you could imagine!


  1. Oh Helen! How cute - I love kangaroos...I have only seen them once - and it was a terribly cruel exhibit. It was a crippled roo in a tiny little cage, not far enough to even take 5 steps. My heart broke that day. I just love to watch them (on the television) of are lucky to have such a beautiful creature to watch everyday!

    xoxo Jess

  2. They are so beautiful, can you send me one to Canada? I will trade you for a black bear! :)