Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blogging Insperation

Where do you get your creative inspiration form?
Is it sitting in a chair and something is just pops in your head?
maybe you look for inspiration in the garden?

Or like many of us do you like to click click click

on the internet and see where you end up?

I sometimes have more ideas than time
sometimes I feel in a creative rut.
This year I have so much planned,

Some shows(in the fur and online)

My new Club keeps me creating.

I love to read magazines, and make plans for my time
I have just bought these 2 great books.

Both books are available from
Take a stroll through the bookshelves
and see what
you would like to inspire you next

Here are some of the topics covered off in Creative Time and Space,
making room for art
A great ready for this time of the year.
Time to set some goals

1 comment:

  1. Hi Helen
    some days i have more ideas than time, other days more time than ideas,these are the days i send out in the paddock looking at the cows, maybe ride my horse,tend to my wildlife,and usually find some insperation, if not there is always tomorrow(not to keen on that)