Monday, February 15, 2010

Love it and love bug looking for a home

Love it and his love bug are looking for a home.
He is 4 inches and made from soft recycled vintage mink
in tan and chocolate, he has
matching seude paws,
shading on behind his eyes and
as always hand scissor sculpted fluuy cheeks
Love it comes carefully wrapped in
vintage tissue paper and a vintage inspired gift box
with collector swing tag.
Love it has a Bare Cub Design tush tag
he will also come with his own hand sculpted and painted love bug

Adoption fee is $349Aud, please email me at if you have a home for him!


  1. Oh Ohhh Helen, it is not that I would not provide a home for him ( and a very lovely one at that), He is absolutely adorable...every square inch of him . blessings to his new home, surely someone has that much moulah to spare, I sadly cannot spare that much at the moment. blessings you sweet thing.