Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Toby Award arrived

I have been waiting for my award,
like a child waits for Christmas morning.

And its here! 

 After a super long day at work I drove home
and for the first time, was not thinking
"has my Toby arrived?"
Ray had been to the post office 
to collect our Ebay finds.. 
(he is doing up a motorbike and I a singer machine)
so most days, parts are arriving for one or the other.

I had a parcel which was my Toby!
It is a real honor for me 
to be awarded this along with many
wonderful artists I admire.
You can see a list of all the winners here
You will be able to meet the bears and vote 
in the Summer issue of 
Teddy Bear and Friends

Neapolitan and his Toby 


  1. FANTASTIC HELEN!! Welldone it is gorgeous!

  2. Hi Helen
    Enjoy your award you deserve it i've seen that beautiful teddy at teddy classes and both of you treasure the moment

  3. Oh Helen how exciting that moment must have been, your TOBY is VERY deserved.
    Elanor x

  4. Congrats Helen!!! Neopolitan definitely deserved this win - as well as you!!!

    XOXO Jess