Sunday, May 30, 2010

Balou - Available for Adoption

Here he is... meet Balou!
As promised a blog set price adoption
Balou's name is inspired by 
his beautiful Sapphire fur
He is 6.5 inches tall and very chubby
His sapphire guard hairs alone 
are almost 1 inch tall!
Balou is created from Sapphire and black mink
The Sapphire is quite blue its lighter in these photos
Balou's nose was sculptes especially for him, 
along with his handmade dyed wooden tile
wrapped in a printed ribbon, around his neck
Balou has had many hours of scissor sculpting 
applied to make those beautiful chubby cheeks
If you would like to adopt Balou his is being offered 
as a "Blog set price" for $370US
If you would like to adopt Balou, please email me
I will be working on some orders 
for those of you waiting...
Hugs Helen 

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