Friday, January 7, 2011

What a holiday!?!

I knew I preferred to be busy than relax,
but I never knew I was this obsessive.
I have taken holidays and planned to relax.
It turns out, relaxing does not suit me.
Ray and I went to Shark Bay a beautiful spot up north
where the ocean is crystal clear
and you can see the dolphins.

It was beautiful, but as a result I ended up in hospital.
The blood tests show my glandular fever has played up...
...The glandular fever I never had.
Well regardless, the symptom was hands that swelled up
with blisters and looked like I had been
seriously burnt and could not move.

As a result I know am much more thankful for my hands
and do not take them for granted.

We also lost our dog Kaine,
who has been with my husband and I
as long as we have been together
12 years, always there, like our only son.
He was a beautiful boy and had a great life with us.

So its been a holiday, I will be happy to
go back to work after this lot.

I have a few days left and managed to make a
few bears. I will be posting one very soon.

1 comment:

  1. Get well Helen and Better New Year for you.
    It's very difficult after so many years when most loved dog gone. May be new puppy could be the answer,but you will always remember what old one do when puppy do some naugthiness.
    All the best