Saturday, February 5, 2011

I have been keeping a secret... and its out!

For those of you who subscribe to the digital version on Teddy Bear Review, You would already have the April edition of Teddy Bear Review, and you would already know my secret I have been keeping. For those of you who don’t you can subscribe for just $9.99 for all 6 issues – a year for less than $10. why wouldn't you?

My sweet Tiger Lilly is on the cover! I am still on cloud 9! There is a beautiful profile on my bears and Sugar Pie and Bliss have a full page photo.
So now for my news...yep theres more!!!
I have been busy writing a bear book. - in my spare time..
This book, Bear Basics & Beyond is the book I always wanted to buy but could not find on the bookshelves. So I wrote it myself.
It is everything you need from the bear basics, covering chapters such as Gather supplies, Acquire tools and Collect fur through to some step by step guides including stiches and jointing, to advanced appliquéd paw pads.  Two patterns are includes Hershey a mink cub and my award winning Neapolitan.
I have taken one more step “Beyond” covers all you need to know about designing and promoting your own collection, such as websites, attending shows and so much more. The book is full of beautiful illustrative photos and inspiring bears. For the artist and every collector.  Bear Basics & Beyond is to be published in soft and the beautiful collector hardback. It will be available April/May 2011 via all the favourite places like or Barnes & Noble. Of course you can always order your copy directly from me and I would be happy to sign your copy! I will keep you updated as my publishers supply updates on the production timelines. Bear basics & Beyond is a beautiful book and has been written for anyone and everyone who loves bears. I hope you are looking forward to having your own copy. If you want to make bears, go beyond what you are currently doing or a collector of bears who wants a beautiful book.
All information will be available on this blog and the dedicated page on my website. "Book Release" I will let you know as things progress, I wake each morning to check if there is an email from my publisher (due to the time difference, they email me in the middle of the night.)  If you would like to know when the book is released please drop me a quick email
I have also updated the Accomplishments page with some other magazines my bears have been published in for you to see. Lots happening, this is a long post.


  1. WOW!!! FANTASTIC Helen on Both achievements!!!
    You will have to save me a signed book!!xx

  2. CONGRATULATIONS HELEN! Haven't had time to check out my TBR yet, but will be making time now :) And congrats on the book as well. Would be awesome if it is available before Mothers Day (no need to justify the expense then (-; )

  3. A BIG Congratulations Helen! I just received my copy of Teddy Bear Review today. I know you must be thrilled! A fabulous cover and wonderful story. You deserve the best!!
    I'm so happy for you!
    Lotsa hugs,
    Donna Griffin

  4. Congratulations!! Ignore my email! I'll keep an eye here for when it comes out!