Sunday, March 13, 2011

Aussie workshop @ The Teddy Tree

Thank you ladies for a wonderful day!

A day filled with sewing bears, feeding 2 joeys
and even and dingo and joey introduction followed by a kiss.
Not quite normal, even in Australia!

"Grace" the 6 month old joey needed feeding so 
came along with Leanne her wildlife carer &
 owner of The Teddy Tree, Jenny owns the Dingo puppy  "Ricki" 

Very sweet faced joey hanging in the pouch on the fur racks


  1. That is just adorable! such sweet pictures. It seems you had a wonderful day. ;o)

  2. Oh wow!This is just wonderful, I like how the Joey posed in front of the box with the Australian printed on it!
    Cool to know there's a little roo out there with my name too!LOl