Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Melbourne Bear Fair - Sneak Peek

The last finishing touches are happening, 
I am sewing the last ears on and add a tush tag here and there.
My bags are packed and I am heading to Perth tomorrow 
to fly out to Melbourne for some shopping, the show and workshop.

We will be having a little "tea party" to celebrate the release of 
Bear Basics and Beyond
Here are some Sneak Peek photos for you to enjoy

Handmade Truffle

Handmade Sundaes

Choc Chips

Handmade Treo waffle

Cherry Ice cream

Handmade Neo Waffle

Handmade Black Forrest Waffle

Handmade Truffles

Poppet and handmade popcorn

You don't want to be late....
See you at the show
To all my wonderful followers who have purchased books,
I am signing them and they are on the way!

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