Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Introducing my waiting lists

In an attempt to create bears, collectors want, I have started 2 waiting lists.
Portabello and Lilly Lilly.

Portabello is a sweet 3 inch cub, my smallest mink cub, just nominated for a Golden Teddy award.

Lil Lilly is a larger 5 inch created after Tiger Lilly who was on the cover of Teddy Bear Review, my book Bear Basics and Beyond and just nominated for a Golden Teddy award. Lil Lilly also won the Peoples choice award at the Sydney Teddy Bear Fair.

The waiting list will allow me to (when I create either bear) offer them to collectors who would like to purchase these cubs. There is no deposit required and I can not offer a time frame, but they will both be offered from time to time.

I still have a few custom orders form when I was accepting these last year, and Hugglets show coming up but I feel the custom cubs orders where taking so long to get through and stopping me from being able to ever create an offer special bears for the Blog as I have had "orders to make".

I hope not only to complete  my custom cubs, also offer these new bears to my waiting lists collectors but be able to have many more bears available online, and hold "blog shows" on advertised dates so you can plan in advance to come along and meet the bears before they are snapped up - it's hard to keep everyone happy with all the time differences but I will do my best. I would like the first show to be in October (just in time to adopt a bear and have it for Christmas)

If there is a particular bear style or colour you would like to see, I would love to hear just drop me a line at

To join the waiting lists see the website waiting list page

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