Monday, January 9, 2012

"What's on my workbench today"

As promised in my My plans for 2012 blog post
here is the..
"whats on my workbench today"
weekly blogpost

Alpaca fur?
yes I do love mink....but every now and then
I need to step outside the square.
The Bare Cub Designs sqaure that is.
I love this Japanese alpaca

I ordered $300 worth all in the 17mm length
(it's also available in 9mm)
I have oatmeal, white, black, caramel,
chocolate, lemon and pink.
I would have more but that's the whole range.

I have used this fur for Cooper (17mm pile)

and Milo (9mm pile)

I am working on a special collection of
Bare Cub Designs
Be sure to join my mailing list if you want to
know when they are available.
If you like the idea of this new
weekly post please leave a commnet
Hugs Helen


  1. Hi Helen Luv the new look and the insperation you give, I just want to make bears, going to try harder this year


  2. I have tried the Japanese Alpaca as well. It is so soft. I haven't tried the 17mm though only the May be I need to try longer one day.

  3. Hi Helen, Yes I think the whats on my desk weekly post is a good idea. I love Cooper he is so cute :)

  4. Thanks Splinters Im glad you like it! it should keep me focused too. Kay if you liked the 9mm you'll love the 17mm, I find backing it is a good idea too.
    Hugs Helen

  5. Great idea!! Not something I could do as my desk could be anywhere in the house LOL! That Japanese Alpaca is lovely and wish I could use it but somehow I don't think it would go well with oldies:o))
    Take care and have a good week.
    Hugs Lyn x