Friday, March 16, 2012

Breaking news for artists!!

As many of you know I like to keep busy.
I love have loved designing and creating bears.
I have had many emails about bear making 
and so shared what I know with other bear makers 
through my patterns and my Bear Making Guides

I also love being an artist, it has bought me so much joy.
I have also had many people email me about the
 Bear Art Business and selling collections online.
Its a real jungle out there for many artists 
from branding to internet marketing.
I also want to share this joy of 
having an online art business too.

So I have been busy and created 
a growing hub of content for artists!
Sharing what's worked for me, 
and what's new online so artists can keep up 
with the ever changing online world.

AWeb Design and complete hosting package
so anyone can have and be in control of 
a successful online Art Business.

It takes more than just passion, but it you have the passion
I would love to help you with the rest.

Join me by following the EasyArtSpace blog
where all new articles will be posted
and check out my other sites.
I would love it if you too can share my news on your blogs!

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