Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Teddy Bear Times June 2012

Teddy Bear Times digital issue arrived in my inbox.
It was uplifting to see Elanors new website mentioned,
along with Elanors response;

"Easy ArtSpace Builder was a dream to use,
I would recommend to anyone looking for
an easy website builder to give this a go!"

Wow I am so excited, this was my dream realised!
I have another artist creating her site now
(I'll share more soon)
and her beautiful email saying:
"I'm setting up my site and having a ball doing it...
without all the info you have generously provided
 I would never have had a go at this!!!"

This makes all the hours of work worth it,
to know artists are sharing their art with the world!

There is also a special Reader Only Offer
in the latest June 2012 issue

What a wonderful cover with
Breeze by Ju-Beary Bears
by beautiful artist team by
Julie and Betty Guiver
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