Tuesday, August 7, 2012

WA Craft Show

A wonderful show, enjoyed by all. 
Here are some photos as promised
You too can enjoy the show...
Setting up display

Bare Cub Designs Collection
Visit Bare Cub Designs

Banana Cream

Vanilla Bean

Bears by Becca
Beautiful tiny bears... and bunnies
Visit Bears By Becca

Brigit Bears
Sweet mink bears and ark animals by Brigit
Visit Brigit Bears

Lombard Bears
Linda Down creates wonderful needle felted bears and monkeys
Visit Lombard Bears

Russell Bears
More amazing needle felted sculptures
Visit Russell Bears

Bear Challenge 

Bear of the Show by Jennifer Fox
I had the pleasure of marking this bear with Brigit
It was a true pleasure and an amazing bear
The Teddy Tree
Beautiful bears and fur
owned by artist Jennie Boylan
Who welcomed us to Demo at her Teddy Tree stand

Le Roar Le Lion -Design by Jennie Boylan

Catharina's stand with beautiful
fabrics and felts

Antique Rose
Offering ribbons, soaps and beautiful pieces 
Cooper Bears
Bears as sweet as the artist Kay Cooper
Visit Cooper Bears

Saw Dust Art
Leanne McBeath displayed her Scroll saw art
Visit Saw Dust Art online

Karma Kreations
Unique Fabric Sculptures by Jackie Illingworth
Contact jackie on illing2@bigpond.com

Ned Kelly - Aussie Outlaw

Swee Tee's and Cu Tee's
Hand appliqued Tshirts and Onesies

Beautiful Folk Art by Elaine Borg

Logans Patchwork
Make your own blankets
visit Logans Patchwork for classes

The Thread Studio
A wonderful range of yarn, threads and fabrics Visit The Thread Studio

Hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did!

A possum was left behind and so is now staying with someone...
I wonder who?
The last known picture of Possum with Lucia, Helen and Bec
Looking cheeky....


  1. I wish I could have been there, what a lot of lovely things to buy :-)

  2. Thank you so much for the lovely photos.

  3. Wonderful photos, Helen. They really give a good sense of the show - thanks for sharing them.

  4. I had a ball with you girls!!! Bring on next years show!!!
    Thanks for posting the pics Helen!
    Hugs Lindaxx