Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Stand update

I recently updated my studio,
now I have updated my work stand.
Purchased only a few weeks ago,

I have this stand next to my seat in the living room
I have changed a few things,
like the original pulls that were not easy to hold

and bought some little metal tins with clear lids 
to hold, eyes and buttons, joints etc

I use these little 5mm buttons 
for the button method of installing eyes
to get a really sculpted look with the mink

All my tools neatly trucked away in the draws.

And this little tray, is actually for jewellery sales
covered in velvet, it's perfect for holding your work
Now I never loose my scissors, awl or button
whatever I have on my lap goes in the tray.
If I have to stop for a moment
 it's all ready to pick straight back up afterwards.
 I really enjoy having my workspace neat and arranged
it does make creating a much more enjoyable experience.
See what little things you can do,
to give your kit an upgrade.

1 comment:

  1. You are so organized Helen. Your sewing caddy is perfect.
    Hugs Kay