Sunday, March 2, 2014

Kits anyone?

Sunday afternoon, I'm tracing on furs.
These pieces are for the Tim Tam kit
just purchased online from the 
Dark Chocolate and Caramel mink

 Anyone else for a kit?
If you too would like to have a kit made,
Just head over to the Bare Cub Designs

The Kits save you buying 2 coats and 
include the eyes, joints, clay for nose etc.
Everything you need to make a sweet cub
You will need some stuffing and standard sewing supplies 
like a needle and tread.

Of course if you would like detailed instructions
with over 150 step by step photos
(just like having a workshop with me)
be sure to check out the Bear making guides 
You receive the PDF's instantly after payment

I share everything I know- 
and it's all photographed for you to 
copy and learn, over and over.
The mink issue  also comes with 
11 other patterns and guides!

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