Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hug it forward - I'm giving a little back

 Since launching Bear Beautiful last week
I have meet some many wonderful supporters.
I have met other women like myself
passionate about showcasing artists,
not about making money. 
I have had friends and family promote my magazine 
so I in turn can promote bear artists.
was never a money making venture.
I am sure will be a long time before it makes any profit,
somethings are rewarding for other reasons.
It's so important to give back,
The rewards being more than money can buy.
So I have finished a new little cub Cheeky
and so I have decided to add to the 
Bear Making Guides as a bonus pattern
Supporting the members who have supported me. 

If your a member just sign in and download your new pattern
using the same slit jointing method you learnt in issue 2 with Jester
to make this little mini cub.

If you would like to join and receive all 13 patterns 
Head over to Bear Making Guides and check out the offer.
Thanks and I hope you enjoy your little gift!

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