Saturday, November 29, 2014

Snow a Christmas Cub

No Christmas show this year,
I must get on to completing Issue 2 of 

But I have manged to create one 
beautiful little Christmas Cub
Created from this shawl
It's a soft cream with toasted tips!

Snow is available now from the 



  1. Snow is adorable. I am glad it is snowing in WA... ha ha 36 deg. here today.
    Hugs Kay

  2. Its been a beautiful day here too Kay, only about 25 now. Got to love a sunny Christmas, but I would love to see real snow, I never have!

  3. I have just received the first issue of your new magazine and I am very impressed with it - well done Helen!! I haven't read it yet just looked at all the lovely pictures!! Something I always do with magazines;o)
    Take care and have a good day......Lyn x

  4. PS.....Just love your little Christmas bear:o)) I have seen plenty of snow and though it is very pretty it can also be extremely cold!! Mind you after last weeks heatwave I would have happily rolled in the stuff LOL!!......Lyn x