Sunday, February 14, 2016

A change of direction

Meet sweet little Lindt, 
A Bare Cub Designs Easter Cub 
Starting out as Cadbury... this little guy 
had a sudden change in direction
when I saw a beautiful Easter set 

Dark chocolate foil with old gold Lindt text
So now I am left with this..
I just could not resist

The  foil has made a half shell and faux egg
to accompany this little 2016 Easter cub 

Lindt is created form extra dark mink fur 
and has little white eye accents 
He is a tricky cub to photograph, 
but beautiful to hold.

There is something extra special
about a little fluffy cub that fits 
so neatly in the palm of your hand.  

Little Lindt has found a home with a 
collector in the UK and will be joining other
 Bare Cub Designs cubs there.

There may be time for another easter cub.
Maybe Cadbury or Nestle' can be created!

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