Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Bravo Mike more than a Custom Cub

My latest custom cub creation 
was a very unique request.

One of my collectors asked if I would create
a custom cub, to go with her many other cubs.
This one to be styled in the colours blue and white 
of....her plane!

And here is the result. Meet Bravo Mike!
This is the name of the plane and
it's only fitting that Bravo Mike would have 
his own little paper plane mobile!

His head can be in the clouds whenever 
he feels the need.

I was very honoured to create such a cub, 
and get to know this collector some more.

Thank you for sharing these photos with us Emma,
and letting me share your story.

I just love your little blonde bear with
his very own spitfire plane!!

How beautiful!

I hope Bravo Mike enjoys his high flying life!!

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