Friday, June 26, 2009

What a way to view the world

Sometimes the hustle and bustle of our busy lives get the better of us.
I know between working full time and family commitments, I choose to have a Ebay and Etsy store, that keep me going off to the post office each day on my lunch break, shipping pattern and kits, holding workshops, my website, updating my blog, not to mention making bears for shows. My mind is always ticking over, mental note "finish that bear" "drop into the teddy tree and buy some muslin" "send the kits to Melbourne for the workshop" "pick up the printing and compile some more patterns" "take some photos of my latest creation for the online show" "find and buy another mink coat in cream" it all came seem a bit too much to take on some times. And all I want is to clear my head so a new inspiration and design can flourish. Then I stop. just stop for a second... this usually happens on a Friday night after a long week or Saturday morning after I have cleaned the house and I look out the windows along the front of my house and see the garden or Aussie bush as we know it and the driveway leading off to the distant road and I think to myself what a wonderful life. The world is frozen till Monday morning, no cars, no care or responsibility and just look at those amazing birds, they are carefree and just calling in for a feed before they take to the skies again. Sitting on the deck looking at this brings it all home to me. As my wonderful husband Ray says "You can't sing the blues in an air conditioned room" Sometimes the one thing that should be on my mind is the furthest from it. What a easy life and how lucky am I to be able to create my little cubs that bring me so much joy!

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  1. You are sooooo right, how LUCKY we are here in Australia! What a WONDERFUL COUNTRY!!!