Sunday, November 8, 2009

Blue Bell

I would like you to meet Bluebell...
Bluebell is an 8 inch bundle of joy,
created from the softest blush mink with perfect white tips.
Bluebells tummy is striped with blush and white mink
creating a white belly surrounded in blush mink.
Her paws match her fur as does her nose, made from hand marbled clay
Bluebells eyes are blue buzzard eyes, a black pupil with a starburst of blue
Bluebells face has been extensively scissor sculpted
to reveal the warm undertones of blush

Bluebell is being offered as a silent auction
If you would like to adopt Bluebell,
please send me an email at
with your best bid. All bids are confidential.
The bidding closes at 12.00 noon in the 12th Perth time.
Please see the clock near this post for details
The highest bidder at the time will be notified by email.
Bluebell with come with her Bare Cub Design swing tag,
and in a vintage style box create by me.

Please email me with any questions.
Good luck


  1. Oh Bluebell,what a delight you are to these eyes this morning. We are having such a spring day although that will change very soon...Imagining you snuggling up to anyone to erase any cold spell that is coming around our horizon is a Helen blessing and to the one who will have you as their very own...

  2. What a beautiful bear Helen, and that mink is gorgeous ! Good luck with the silent auction :)