Friday, November 6, 2009

Tush Tags

As you know I have been working on my swing tags and vintage inspired boxes.
I wanted to ensure my little cubs have a tag attached to show they are a true Bare Cub Design!
So... what do you think of my little tush tags to be sewn into the cubs tush?
I have a beautiful chocolate brown with gold print and a ivory cream with chocolate print
both on double sided satin ribbion.
All new cubs created will come with the swing tag and a tush tag sewn in.
The next cub is due within days... made from a beautiful blush mink with white chest.....


  1. The tush tags are lovely! Where did you order them from...or did you make them? They are gorgeous.
    Heaps of Hugs,
    Bingle Bears

  2. Love the tush tags!! A must for your gorgeous creations!!!

  3. These are beautiful!!

    I love your color choices on them! :)

    Will they be folded over to create a loop or will it be snipped off and one sided? ... and if it's one sided... how are you keeping the satin ribbon from fraying? (I have struggled with this for a long time... I heard you can burn the ends and it seals it... but then... you know... you have a burnt end!)

  4. Well dearest Helen, bear tags are just perfect. Right font, right colour both of them...clap clap clap lol.

    Bear snuggles...madame samm

  5. Hi Helen
    I love your tags. I'm curious, too..Did you make them or purchase them? Thanks!

  6. Thanks for the comments. I plan to fray check them after folding them in half and catch this part in the seam so it should not fray. I had them made by Australian Printed Ribbon. They offer many color choices. The first roll you pay for a printing plate and then you can order extra rolls as required. If you need more details let me know and I can email you. Thanks Bear Hugs Helen