Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bears and Buds February Issue

Hows this for a cover??

Beautiful Neopolitian is the cover bear for February

There is a beautful story of my bears and
if you have ever wondered how Bare Cub Designs was started...
here is the story

I hope you can stop by for a read. (and of course enjoy looking at some photos)
Here is the sweet banner created for me...
I prefer the bears to take the spotlight!
I wont complain having a virtual hug from Bliss!!

 Bookmark Bears and Buds, it's a great monthly magazine
you can stop by each month and see all the stories
and see new bears from many artistis


  1. Congratulations Helen with TOBY and cover of magazine.
    Many more creations to come
    All the best

  2. congrats on the cover! your bears are beautiful... :O)