Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Golden Teddy Awards 2011

I often find myself thinking of my bears as a pastime
 as I do work full time. I try not to mention my bears
to people when we meet as they will say,
"oh that's nice, maybe I will by one for my sisters child"...
Thinking I make fluffy bears from plush worth $20
not the artwork I see when I look at my bears

Well I never thought for a second,
 I would be listed next to these names

Judi Paul - Luxembears
Kelly Dean - Kelly Dean and Company
Paula Carter - All bear by Paula Carter
Michelle Lamb - One & Only Bears
Ma'Sal - Ma'Sal Creations
Britta Helberg, Hellberbaeren
Helen Gleeson - Bare Cub Designs!

I now know the feeling when people say
"its an honour to be nominated"
I am so proud to be listed amongst artist I have
followed and admired for so many years
cutting their beautiful art from magazines
and gluing them in scrapbooks for inspiration.

Tiger Lilly and Portabello sure has made me proud to be a artist.
Having seen my name on this list I really feel like an artist
not just a bear maker.

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