Sunday, August 28, 2011

Beautiful printing at Moo

As you have seen my Blog and Web now match,
with my blue stripe and lace branding.
created by Karen.
I have created these beautiful business cards,
stickers and swing tags to go with
the Bare Cub Designs new image.

Stickers on the boxes and swing tags

Round stickers
Leather business card holder 
Business cards
Every back photo can be a different image! 
Rounded corner stickers
Ever image can be different!
Swing tags
Front & Back with eyelet & ribbon added
If you would like to order your own stickers or cards
I would like to invite you to Moo
here is my invite for you, check out how easy it is to order

1 comment:

  1. Helen you are just so clever. The whole package looks wonderful I love the double sided swing tags and business cards. It looks so professional just like all the things you do.