Monday, September 19, 2011

Hugglets 2011

To everyone who joined my club, bought a book, patten, kit or bear,
or just came and said hello at Hugglets - Thank you.
I had a wonderful time.
Here are some photos of Hugglets as promised 
Bare Cub Designs - Hugglets stand 2011 
Hall 1 
Hall 2
All Bear - Paula Carter 
Benson Bears - Linda Benson 
Karen Alderson Designs
Mini Bear Fabrics
Bear Basics 
Shantock Bears - Elanor Andrews
If you look carefully you can see my newest adoption Ju Ju
just in front of Elanor's arm with the red hat!
Me, Helen Gleeson and Elanor Andrews
Here are some photos taken on my Beatrix Potter tour 
through the lakes district, 
all the land owned by Beatrix Potter 
has been left to The National Trust.
Tarn Hows - Land owned by Beatrix Potter
More Land owned by Beatrix
Hill Top Farm - Beartix Potters home
Bird on apples at the door to Hill Top Farm
Lettuce at Hill Top Farm
Peter Rabbit? at Hill Top Farm


  1. Hello Helen,
    i like your presentation at the show and here, the blog, they are consistent and well organized. it's a pity that i was a bit rush on that day, looking forward a day to see your bears in fur.
    your trip to lake district is fantastic, i can only read books and imagine to be there ;) love all photos, thanks for sharing.

  2. Looks great Helen!!! Thanks for the pics!!xx

  3. Welcome home Helen, I trust that you had a wonderful time in the Lake District :0) Speak soon
    Elanor xx