Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Post, parcels and a very nice suprise

Still on an extended Easter Break, 
took our puppy to the beach,
then picked up my parcels, at the post office.
Parcels - I just love online shopping.

Clay, Chocolate sauce and empty tart shells

Under wraps for now, watch this space

I just love my work tray, 
so I have invested in a large one.

2 mink fur jackets
a beautiful warm brown mink 
and a lovely white mink

Suede in beautiful neutrals

And best till last
My 2 Toby awards arrived!!

Proud as punch to have these two awards.
Straight to the studio,
These will be proudly displayed on the shelf.

Now onto some sewing tonight
I'll share some photos of my work in progress soon.

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