Sunday, April 16, 2017

Time for something new

I thought it was about time I shared with you something new I've been working on. 
As you know this year has been a busy one already for me. 
A workshop a at Cottonwool Creations, and another 3 booked at Bear Essence in October. 
That's 40 mink bear kits, traced, lined, cut and ready to sew!
If that were not enough on top of working full time and sewing bears.

I'm really touched that so many of you want to make a bear with me.
I even have one wonderful new friend coming from New Zealand to take my class!
Wow - how is that!

I'm so excited by it all. I can't wait to be at the Bear Bazzar show too!
I better make some bears.

In the meantime I have had the idea to create an online course.
An online workshop with me, for you, in your own home. 

All will be revealed soon!

In the meantime, I can promise you 
while you might not be seeing the weekly blog post, 
things are happening here.

I'm on holidays from work, but it's a "Stay"cation for me.
I'm here busy creating the Masterclass for you.

As always, I never do things by half, so I will be launching a 
new website, new blog, and a course platform!

I've been very busy today in Photoshop, something else I had to learn
taking photos and transforming screenshots 
for my new staged graphics.

What do you think?

Before - 

Add some Photoshop magic-

After -
The final result. 
Photo taken, Screenshots grabbed and inserted into the iPad post production.

Now I know how they get those clear screen images, in flat lays.
There is always a trick to know.
I can't wait to show you the new website!

So on that note, I will be bring you some of my bear making tricks soon.
Stay tuned, for updates.

I'd love to hear what you think of the Masterclass. 
You can drop me an email at
I'd love to hear what you would like to see. 
After all I am creating this for you!

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  1. Helen you sound super busy. You are so clever in learning those clear screen images in photoshop. and making new websites. You amaze me. Love your work so much.