Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bear Basics & Beyond ~ The book is now Published!

I am very excited to announce my book 

Bear Basics and Beyond is now published.
It has been a steep learning curve writing and publishing.
I have enjoyed nearly every minute
(I must admit there has been a few sleepless nights) 
I have learnt the true meaning of patience, 
which anyone who knows me, I struggle with.

Now that the book is officially published with its own ISBN 
(International Standards Book Number) the book is available! 
The cover is revealed today

There are still a few steps once a book is published,
 to reach the book distributors and then in turn retailers such as Amazon, 
Barnes and Noble etc. This can take up to another month or so.
The good news is this book is, using "green technology"
 known as "Print On Demand" I have a print run in progress 
and access to the first copies.I will be signing them,
 for those who want their own special copy.

The book will be available directly from the
 Bear Basics and Beyond website. 
If you would like to pre order one of the first copies 
you can do so now by visiting the website 
and using the PayPal “buy now” buttons. 
The book is available in soft cover (paperback) 
and collector hard back (case bound). 
You can read all about the book on the dedicated website


  1. Congratulations! I think the paperback link is going to the two book set. As soon as the paperback link is working I will purchase!!! I can't wait

  2. Congratulations Helen!

  3. I bought this book!!!I am very happy!!!Thank you very much!!!!