Friday, July 13, 2012

Where Blogger Create Party!

Welcome to my studio,
 My name is Helen Gleeson,
artist behind Bare Cub Designs
let me share with you where I create my collections
This is my first Where Bloggers Create blog party
Im so excited to have you at my place!

I live in the beautiful Australian bush in the Chittering Valley
which is about 100 km north of Perth on the West coast

It might not look like much here, but my sweet man 
built this studio for me from this sea container 
delivered to our house on my Birthday.
Notice in this picture there is still no door...

Ray turning a 12 meter sea container into a log cabin
by cutting out a door and windows, 
and adding the cladding.
All while little Boof keeping watch

Well here its is. My log cabin, Art Studio!
Complete with deck and verandah

 Ray added this deck out the front 
bought me some chairs and a swing

 The deck extends out past the verandah and roof
so I can chase the sun on a spring day
and enjoy the beautiful bush

There is something wrong with this picture...
but I guess I better not complain

 Here is the inside with insulation being added

 Amazing what plaster, mouldings and paint can do!

This is the back wall and corner with my little desk

My corner desk stays pretty neat

I can't say the same for the portable trestle table 
that comes out from time to time.

Of course the trick to a neat studio 
is a store room with a door you can close

I have 4 of these Ikea cupboards full of baskets

and boxes on cupboards, keep things neat too

Here are some of my art supplies on a shelf altogether

Paints in a basket

Stamps in a basket

Scrapbooking supplies

Threads, silk, cottons all in baskets.

DMC threads for cross stitching, 
and hand-stitched embellishments

 Cottons suitable for bears noses

 My display stands that fold away made by my sister 
Leanne McBeath of SawDust Art Online

Of course all Bloggers need technology, 
so this is all stored on one shelf together

My sewing machine also meets technology. 
My brother "Winnie the Pooh" embroidery machine 
and scanner, design cards, threads etc

Here are some started projects, 
watercolours, patchwork and candle-wicking
If I ever finished them all I will have lots of blankets

Beautiful art pencils, called Inktense
use for adding water to create painted looks on fabrics etc

Storage draws from Ikea hold my fabrics

 Alpaca, mohair and fur scraps

Flannel and cottons

Suede and paw pad fabrics

Racks and coat hangers from Ikea 
hold the fat quarters

A cooker... that's for the bears, 
at least the noses I make from clay

But the bar fridge is for me...
It's nice to have a coffee break using these tins
I bought in London on my Hugglets trip

Boxes everywhere hold bits and pieces
Many are covered with beautiful scrapbooking papers

I also like to use glass jars 
bought from secondhand stores

cheap and I can easily see what I have.

A little romance and scrapbook inspiration

Here is a thin laundry cupboard with an upgrade
I painted it white and screwed some Ikea stands on the back
These magnetic spice tins are a great way to store
joints, eyes and cotter pins

I created a little memo board
Adding a few hooks and handmade magnets from buttons

I just love being surrounded by beautiful things
Pretty in purple...
not everything needs a purpose

I have lots of these shelves
and they can be put together many ways 
creating lots of little cubby holes
to display things and hold boxes
And my many hundred of magazines and craft books

My boom arm and microphone for 
podcasting for Easy ArtSpcace

Here is a cupboard for my postage and packaging
having all my little boxes, stickers etc together
quick and easy to grab what's needed 

Magazine covers featuring Bare Cub Designs!

Some of my special awards out on a shelf

some medals from over the years tucked into a little box
along with some vintage finds

Another Ikea buy, these draws hold tray inserts 
and  make extra draws

This draw neatly holds all my stickers, 
business cards, swing tags and eyelets

Handmade clay & purchased bear accessories

Beads, Bells, charms & pendants

Here are the 3 prints on the back wall 
The images are photos I took of vintage silk threads,
mounted on scrapbooking papers and framed in 
you guessed it... huge Ikea frames

Each frame is hung above a display cabinet

each display cabinet holding my 
many internet purchases..

This display holds some of my bears purchased

Here is a little children's chair 
I like to use this to store things I also like to look at 
like my book Bear Basics & Beyond

One of my cabinets houses all my sweet treats, 

Cake tins, beautiful and also good storage

I just love these little cake tins

More sweet treat display, waffle and ice creams

Ice Cream cups for my little bears

More beautiful boxes & waffles

The last cabinet is full of my vintage displays
cottons & silks

Vintage lace 

Vintage books by A.A.Milne

Vintage Singer oil can

And of course a vintage Singer 

More silks and variegated threads

& some old children's things

I like to use these old draws to store things
But as these are empty I guess I will have to get more things!!!

I hope you have enjoyed looking around my art studio,
I hope you have found some inspiration
and ideas to add to your creative space.
If you have enjoyed this post and want to see more,
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Thanks for stopping by and visiting my space
Enjoy the rest of the blog party
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  1. What a marvellous job your hubby did with your workshop. congratulate him for me. I enjoyed so much having a look around your wonderful studio.
    It look fabulous.

  2. Hi Kay, Im glad you like this blog post - Took most the day to take all the photographs and go through them. Im so proud of Ray for this one, he did good! Hugs Helen

  3. Hi Helen,

    Thanks for sharing, I'm so jealous your studio is wonderful. I wish so much I could come visit and sit and work with you there.


  4. Oh Helen! What a fantastic place to create!!! You are so organized, and I adore your bears... they are so wonderful. Thank you for sharing your space!

    You may be interested to know, I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada -- the place Winnie is named after ;) We have a statue of the real bear at our Zoo - yes, he is very close to our hearts here too.

  5. Oh wow...where do I start with my compliments......first of all ...I adore your white furniture set ups...that corner table is pretty neat! and now onto that drool worthy vintage singer sewing machine...that's an industrial looking puppy, isn't it? I WANT IT.

    and now I must comment on your "NOSE" those colour tones..and had to laugh because you call them NOSE threads! too cute!

    thanks for sharing your space. stop by and have a peek into my studio, if you wish. Have a great Friday night.

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  6. This is so cool! What a creative hubby you have!!! AND - it's beautiful (inside & out!)... What a great space! Found you at WBC - would love for you to visit sometime -

    Your newest follower,

  7. It all looks FABULOUS Helen!!! You lucky girl!!!!
    I want one !!!! :)

  8. Hi Elanor, I would just love that, I so enjoyed seeing your creative room with the tiny clothes hung along the wall by little pegs! I'd love to see your new nest!

  9. I can imagine how much fun you are having in your new log cabin space!!! A sea Container- who would have thought!!!! What a great transformation inside and out. Love those sweet bear creations of yours too!! too cute!

    Hope you will come by and see my new space!

    bee blessed

  10. What a fantastic space. Can't believe your hubby turned it into that cool room. Love all the organized stuff! Really nice!

  11. What an amazing tranformation! I loved seeing all your little treasures. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Your little teddy bears are so absolutely adorable. I used to collect teddy bears and anything teddy bear related but made myself stop. But yours are just over the top cute. Your space is wonderful, too. I love that your studio is created from a shipping container. Absolutely brilliant! Have a great day. Tammy

  13. Wonderful idea for a studio space! So clever. I can tell you are happy there.

  14. Hay Helen,

    What a big transformation.....!
    You have a very lovely space..
    and your bears are amazing...
    I think you are a lucky girl, you
    can work here...

    Thanks for sharing

    Love from Marijke

  15. from container to log cabin! that is just awesome :) love your space -- it is so neat! (unlike mine)

  16. Hi Helen,
    What a dream space you have and so well done. The transformation a nd process is amazing.
    Love your organization. Your talents are incredible.
    Thank you for sharing and giving so much inspiration.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  17. Oh my Gosh, what a transformation! Your hubby did good :) So innovative...I enjoyed the tour of your space ♥ ஆ

  18. Get the heck out, a storage container turned log cabin/studio, love it.
    I love your little bears, specially the one in the cup.
    Thanks for sharing your space.
    PS I think your hubby is a keeper.

  19. Your husband has done a lovely job. I especially like the verandah as I have a hankering for one of those. You are so organised and tidy, my favourite bit are your vintage silks and thread.

  20. Helen I am so impressed with that studio!!Y ou and your hubby did such a great job! I loved seeing all the pretty treasures you use to create with, and I love the way you framed those prints of cotton threads. It's all just lovely. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us. :)

  21. That is awesome how you have a great space of your own. What would we do without the bears you make and how you have organized everything......wonderful!!!!!

  22. Awesome creative Space ♥

  23. Beautiful studio, Helen! I wouldn't have believed that started out as a container if I didn't see the before pictures. It looks totally different all done up! Love that you have a porch, too. Such a great big space it gave you. I love how you've got it organized and that you've got a little spot for your coffee breaks! Thanks for the tour!

  24. Oh, my goodness! Your space and your bears are fantastic!!! I dream of owning a log cabin. I immediately showed my husband what your husband did. I hope I planted the seed idea. :) Your bears are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing your very special studio.


  25. WOW!! What an amazing transformation! I also love your bears so precious!

  26. Oh my goodness! You have created such an awesome space from scratch. I loved your studio. Thanks for sharing it.


  27. Utterly amazing, I am so impressed what a little vision, creativity, and ingenuity can do. What a dream studio! Thank you for sharing your amazing space.

  28. Well you get the prize for the most original use of a sea storage container!!! WOW...that's an amazing job of making a lovely room! I love all the details and lovelies you have in your room! The storage is excellent, and I'd love to come over and open all the spots, explore all the items and drool over those vintage threads and sewing notions! Lovely room!!
    So glad to meet you!
    blessings, Doni

  29. OMgosh - what can I say? Hold onto that man! And all your goodies - how do you ever leave it?

  30. Oh I am in love with your bears. You are amazingly talented and I have loved browsing your blog and seeing your wonderful studio. I was excited that you said you lived north of Perth. My son is living in the Perth area right now. I just looked at pictures of him with a Koala Bear and some Kangaroos. We are from Southern Nevada USA Thanks again for the tour! I have never seen Teddy bears more wonderful than these! Have a nice day!

  31. Wow! That is absolutely fabulous! I love that it is a log cabin and made from an old sea container. I think this is the best studio I've seen on the blog trip so far.

    Cathy ♥

  32. Holy Moly Your studio takes the award for the most original space I have ever seen...You sure do have one hell of a great husband...Love are your beautiful pictures, organiztional ideas and tour of your studio.Thank you for allowing me in for a visit.

  33. What a fantastic space. If you hadn't shown me it started as a storage container I wouldn't have believed it!! I m a first time visitor to your site, but am now a subscriber!! You make lovely bears and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your studio, thank you for sharing!

  34. I really enjoyed this tour, Im so glad you showed all the steps how your studio came to. Love the use of a sea container for this and your husband did a fantastic job building it. I totally love the verandah and the deck, fantastic space to be on hot days yet still in shade. Loved the tour!!! I found so many ideas for my studio space (still in boxes), cant wait to get cracken on it... Thank you for the tour

  35. You have a wonderful studio and I LOVE your bears!

  36. What a wonderful place! I am so glad you included a before photo or I would have never guessed! And so nice inside too! I make bears too! Yours are super cute!

  37. Helen, your crafting space is fantastic, what beautiful bears you create.
    Loved getting a sneak peek inside, guess I'm just another nosy crafter looking for inspiration!
    Maggie @ just scrapping

  38. What a fantastic space you've been gifted! The transformation is amazing! You so very lucky!
    Thank you for the tour of your space and thank you for sharing your beautiful bears with us.

  39. I LOVE the creativity that took a shipping container to an artist's studio!! And your adorable bears are to sweet for words ~ thanks for sharing your space with us!!

  40. Wow, what a guy, hang on to him. Amazing make over and what beautiful things. Especially the Bears.


  41. Nice job with the shipping container. I'm trying to build a house using 8 of them. Freel free to leave a comment on my blog,

  42. Wow! what a wonderful place to stitch. You have such good taste, your bears are so perfect and Ray is so amazing - does he have a brother?