Saturday, September 5, 2009

Recycled Vintage inspired boxes

I feel my bears get better year by year, but I have expanded my thoughts to other aspects of my bears like my new website! -I hope you like it. It is basic but pretty and my blog is where are the updates happen now. So I have challenged myself to create packaging for my little 8 inch vintage mink cubs that are just as cute as the bears and will add to the excitement for a collector opening their new arrival. I have chosen to stay true to the vintage style and even recycle some of the linings of the coats, as they are so beautiful I don't have the heart to discard them but nothing to use them for. I have used the monograms, old books, sheet music and flowers to adorn the gold boxes. I will use vintage pattern papers in the boxes rather than brand new tissue. The 8 inch cubs fit snug inside these boxes. Here are a few of the boxes I have created so far.

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