Thursday, April 14, 2011

Heart ~ Are you ready to love again?

To those who followed my heartbreak over Christmas
when I lost my beautiful Kaine, which still bring me to tears regularly.
I thought I would share my new happiness.
A few months ago, I meet Raz a 4 year old Rotti
and he reminded Ray and myself so much of our sweet boy,
that we opened our hearts to love again
Raz and his girl Creeda have bought us much joy
by bringing 7 little girls and one big boofy boy into the world.
We have been patiently waiting for this news and we where
lucky enough to meet Boof at just one week of age
He couldn't sit or open his eyes, it was amazing to meet him
Now look...He is twice the size of his sisters as you can see..
The name "Boof " seems to have stuck too..
Cant wait to have our little Boof at home!
Boof and his sister

"Boof" one and only boy


  1. He's beautiful Helen! I hope he brings you much joy.

  2. such cute little dogys! and your bears are so great too! love to visit your blog! warm wishes and a happy weekend! di

  3. I'm so happy for you Helen, I hope "Boof" helps to heal your heart:o)
    I lost my "Jett" a couple of weeks ago, I'm just devastated, can't believe it, I'm still losing the plot on a regular basis, but I'm sure you would understand that:o(

  4. Oh Helen, Boof is so beautiful. Congratulations! They are such wonderful friends who love us for who we are. S