Thursday, December 8, 2011

Teddy Bear Review February 2012 Digital edition out now

Having been on a high all day, I am now home from work 
and just dying to share with you the latest cover of the
Teddy Bear Review mag featuring

Bare Cub Designs very own Poppy!!
created from the most beautiful blush mink
quite often adopted with
clay popcorns and candy striped bucket
This issue not only has a wonderful cover - 
but lots of great articles
A profile story on Michelle Lamb, 
one of the artists I have been inspired by 
for much of my artistry journey.
There is a Bare Cub Designs Give Away too

Also "Artists from around the world"

The Teddy Tool kit feature is all about my
favorite pastime, scissor sculpting fluffy cheeks
and of course the basics of working with mink 
is discussed in detail.

"It's all in the Presentation" - helping 
own collection look great with
 lots of great ideas you can do yourself 

So if you have not already,
 this is a beautiful magazine and
by subscribing to the digital editions 
you have access, in advance, then the 
glossy printed version arrives a few months later

I have been collecting this magazine 
for years and still enjoy going back 
and reading past issues 
Of course I have my favourites .... 
like April 2011 with Tiger Lilly
back issues are also available here
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  1. Dear Helen,
    Congratulations!!!!! I was so excited when I read your blog.
    That is one magazine I don't get. Some how I think I must put it on my list to save up for. I get Teddy bear and friends and Teddy Times.
    Is the article about Teddy Tool kit, and Teddy presentation in that magazine?
    Well done, you must be skipping around the house.

  2. Hi Kay, Yes all these articles are in the February issue, its worth saving for - and its not expensive only $5.95 for a full year of digital magazines!! or $29.95 for both digital and glossy print.