Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Helen

Another year has come and gone.
Today is my birthday!
Here is a gift from Mum and Dad, 
custom made by my sister Leanne McBeath 
It's over an inch think, so stands on it's own.
I can't wait to display it on my table at the show.
Once home I will hang outside my art studio
(more on that later)
custom wooden sign
 I just love my new sign!

Here is a sweet wooden gift box,
recently created as I wanted a box for my business cards 
and of course why not have a custom made one.                                       
Business Card - Gift Box
If there is a custom made item you would like, 
now you can have it created for you
Leanne's prices are very reasonable.
I am sure once Leanne's art is discovered 
there will be a long waiting list.

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  1. Thank Helen you are so sweet.Have a wonderfull birthday enjoy all life has 2 offer you xx