Monday, January 27, 2014

Clean out and Clean up

Australia Day and a productive long weekend

the storage room in my Asrt Studio 
is always a bit of a mess, 
which is why it has a door that I can close.

I recently bought some shelves 
and thought it made quiet an improvement

but now with Ikea boxes I can find what I need
and I think it looks great too.

I was so happy with this I started to think 
about the rest of the studio, and what I could do.

I bought this beautiful chevron fabric in calico and white
and added to the inside of the cupboard doors

Great to close in the back of these display cubes too

After - Chevron fabic and legs added

Looking so much neater now
A much cleaner, neater space.

I've even started a picture shelf wall
The shelves also from Ikea, the frames 
are lightweight (but need another coat of paint)
These will display the magazines 
that have featured my cubs on the cover.

The table is also ready for a revamp,
I'd like to paint the legs white and sand back the top

For now I have added the Chevron fabric and 
made space for some more Awards...
I will be printing some photos of  the bears 
and dispaly alongside the awads

I'm feeling so much better for it.
A productive long weekend!

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