Sunday, May 25, 2014

Craft Show buy - Great little thimbles

Yesterday was enjoyed at the Perth Craft Show
I purchased just a few bits.
I know better now, than to get excited 
and buy a applique or candlewick blanket.
I have them from previous years...
(Still half complete)
I think I am realistic now,
my crafting passion still alive,
but every minute will be spent on bears.
This year I found these great little thimbles.
I do not use a thimble for a few reasons
Firstly I have long nails so few fit
Secondly they feel uncomfortable to me,
These are like a second skin 
I'm not sure what they are made from 
but it's soft like silicon
and the little nail section pops out!
I will give this a go with my sewing this afternoon.

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